About Us

C J Carstens is a fur fashion label based in The Netherlands.  We provide luxury fur items made of mink, fox and sealskin, to both retail stores and private customers.  It is our passion to work with the finest of natural materials, combining them to make new, exiting looks and shapes.  From more traditional full-skin fur items to innovative ways of working with fur, C J Carstens has the in-house expertise to fulfil your specific design needs. Each year we release our annual collection that showcases the latest techniques and looks in fur.  We design coats and a wide range of luxury accessories such as scarfs, bags and small leather goods, ranging from simple and elegant to more extravagant works. We also create custom designs by request.  For our custom orders, we like to think with you to create that special item you have been dreaming of, and can dye fur in all imaginable colours, and specifically tailor your special piece to reflect your shape, figure and your personality. Feel free to contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

Values & Corporate responsibility

Because we are working with natural materials it is very important for us to know our sources.  All fur we use comes from partners we know and trust, and is traceable back to the source because of the strict labelling and accountability programs our suppliers uphold.  For this reason we have teamed-up with Saga Furs.  Their farming program ensures that all minks and fox they sell are held according to the highest standards in the world.  We buy our seals from the Inuit Indians, who have been collecting sustainable seal fur for more than 100.000 years.  The meat of the seal is their most important source of protein, the bones are used for traditional crafts.  Skins that are not used locally for clothing are sold through an auction house and proceeds used to ensure traditional way of living for the Inuit Indians continues into the future.  By keeping the selection of furs we use small, we keep it close to the source, ensuring that you can make the responsible choice by wearing our furs. For more information: www.sagafurs.com and www.greatgreenland.com


Together with some skilled craftsmen, C J Carstens has developed its own unique look that has become the core of our collections.  By integrating fur into fabrics we can use it in completely new ways.  We have a broad range of samples that can be made into your own handmade fur coat, but it is also possible to create your very own, unique fabric together with us.  We will explore your wishes, choose a fur type together, and produce a one-of-a-kind haute couture fabric according to your vision.

Another technique under development by C J Carstens is knitwear in fur; stretchable lightweight furs that fit perfectly around your body. Accessories, sweaters, coats; everything is possible in this light weight technique.  By working together with some knitwear experts we have developed this technique into a new medium, offering you an unparalleled diversity in looks and feels.